– In depth consultation to find out your goals and how we can best approach your training and nutrition.

– Tailored workout plans for each day of training. Suited to your goals and equipment. This can be gym or home based workouts.

– Workout plans include access to your programmes via my mobile app. Each exercise has videos to follow for technique.

– I will plan your nutrition targets and we will look to find an approach that will suit you. I will prepare your meal planner with lots of food choices to hit your targets. I will be teaching you how to be flexible and hit your goals without restricting anything.

– Check ins via Zoom / Skype each month along with contact throughout the week via WhatsApp to keep you on track.

– Each 4 weeks the plans will change giving you a variety of workouts over the 8 weeks.

– Goal setting and optional progress tracking via measurements and progress pictures.

– Optional access to community group of likeminded people sharing meal pics, motivation and access to my weekly Q&A and my live group call for motivation.


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